I can’t really express my profound happiness when I found out Ashley and Brandon were engaged! They’ve been good friends of ours for years, and Jon and I had been waiting just as long for a ring to show up on Ashley’s finger. What an honour to shoot their engagement session, and such a beautiful background of Pinafore park in St Thomas. We couldn’t have asked for a better day or weather. I mean look at that gorgeous snow in the trees! It really helps when you have gorgeous subjects who know how to have fun too;)Wishing these two a lifetime and more of happiness. Can’t wait for the May wedding!


Winter fun
St Thomas engagement

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Appleland on Thanksgiving Day would be any child’s dream! And that’s exactly what we did for Lara & Luiss’ engagement session. They brought along their two beautiful boys and we headed into the orchards to pick some apples and have a great time. The sun was shining and although there was a cool breeze, it was still easy enough to go with just a sweater. You can tell that Lara & Luiss have spent a number of years together. They just moved so fluidly to each other (like magnets!) and were always holding hands and willing to give the camera lots of good kisses. Their boys were so well behaved too! Such easy, beautiful subjects;)I love it!

August 16, 2014 is the BIG DAY for these two, and I am so excited to get to share in whats to be quite a celebration!! Enjoy the coming months you guys – they will fly by!

Appleland engagement
pumpkins and apples


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Hello beautiful sunshiney day! Monique and Louis were lots of fun to shoot on this glorious morning in Springbank park. These two have something very exciting coming up that needs celebrating..their wedding! Yes, in almost one week exactly, I will be fortunate enough to take part in their special day and capture those moments forever. With a short engagement timeline, I am glad we were able to get these two in for the E-session a week and a half before the big day. There will be lots of love and happiness in the air, I can tell you that already. See you two again soon!

Springbank Park
Morning Sunrise Engagement

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This love story starts with a boy and girl who have known each other since they were 8 years old! After reconnecting at the lake several years later, Steven and Sarah found the ease that comes with finding your soul mate. Conversations flowed easily, being together was exciting and they couldn’t get each other out of their heads! With Steven being from Huntsville and Sarah from London, there was a lot of travel in between to see each other. But it never seemed like work. Everything was so fluid and right from the beginning.

Then one sunny day in May, Steven took Sarah to Victoria park where he sat her down on a bench and asked her to be his wife.
Without a moment of hesitation, Sarah had said yes! I am lucky to be able to get to share in this beautiful couple’s wedding day in September. But for now, here is a sneak peek at some of their engagement shots! (and I would like to side note that Sarah & Steven seemed to be having a great time together during this shoot. They could make each other laugh SO easily, which made my job sooo much easier! True Love!)

Country Farm
London Rustic
Farmhouse Engagement

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Nichole and Ben met at the beginning of their first term in university. Nichole had noticed Ben right away. Over the course of the first couple weeks, Nichole made certain to ask the professor a lot of questions and to pipe up during classes to make sure that Ben knew her name. After some time, Ben approached Nichole and asked her if she wanted to have a study session. Nichole was super excited and jumped at the chance. Needless to say, not much studying was done that night as Ben and Nichole talked for hours. This was the start of a beautiful relationship of love, trust and friendship. Fast forward a few years and Nichole and Ben are now engaged! Sometimes you just never know who you’ll meet in class, it could even be your future spouse! I’m sooo looking forward to shooting their wedding in September and being a part of their special day :)

London Ravine
London Trails
Thames River

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